Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Loss Of Patience

No matter how much I try to get into the spiritual side of this life I cannot escape the material side. And my work is all I have for this materialistic world. I can do my work & that is it. Nothing more nothing less. But why do I feel unhappy & stressed out when something goes wrong?

THe answer to this question I know!!! It is due to the lack of patience!! But why am I not patient? Why do I get frustrated?

To me it is a result of the fear we have of failiure. And that fear comes form the love we have for the comforts of this world. It is nothing wrong to have lofty ambitions & to desire a better quality of life. But one should always understand that all this does not come easily. Not everything will go according to plan. But all of this is what me & you know. So whats the point of this blog?

The point is that patience is a habbit. You have to work on it. And ultimately it is related to spiritua;ity. If you have achieved inner peace you can aquire patience. Hence materialism itself is dependant on spirituality!!!!


  1. I think there is something else which is making you frustrated. Work is indirectly connected to spirituality as it is another form of ibadat, so in this way kaam karne se tousatisfaction milni chahiyey naaa ke frustration.
    I think that maybe the real source of your frustration is that you are expecting a lot from yourself..and when you are unable to deliver your own expectations you become frustrated. Maybe you are too much critical of your self. Its always better to observe non-judgmentally yourself rather than finding flaws in self. If you will look at your self from CRITICISM MENTALITY than you will always find negative things in your self some of which might actually exist but some of which don't even exist and you see them due to your critical mentality and approach. Its better to observe yourself without making judgments and you will succeed to find the real flaw.

  2. Now that is helpful & probably a new way of looking at it. Or probably a new way of putting it. Because I feel that I do 'observe' myself impartially. And I think the flaw I have detected is the right one.

    Because my work does not frustrate me. It's when my plans for my work don't work out. Its like when your work is going on smoothly you feel fine. But when something goes wrong I feel a bir rash. May be that is how I should have put it the first time. But the concept of unbiased judgement of the self is surely unique!!