Friday, October 23, 2009

Ignorance is the new cure!!!!

There was a time a few years back when a lot of young people had been blessed with what is commonly known as 'awareness'. Some of them even got interested in sufism & the quest for achieving inner peace. To them, all the worldly achievements were insignificant. The opinion of the poeple was inconsequential. They did not judge others neither did they care about other people's judgements regarding them. They were interseted only in becoming good human beings & finding answers to bigger questions such as the purpose of their life. Some of them were obsessed with sufism. They wanted to cure themselves from the inside. However, WE are different now!!! We have forgotten our basics & shunned the blessings ALLAH showered upon us!! We have started to ignore what our aims were in the past. We have left our purpose & have gone numb. We are trying to convinve ourselves & others that the path we had choosen in the past is no longer for us to follow anymore.

One of the most significant factors in this scenario have been personal disappointments. Some of us have come to know that we are simply not good enough to do what we used to say we will do. We are probably not growing professionally as we might have liked to. We have come to realize that sufism & inner cleansing is probably a bit too hard for us. Hence, instead of trying harder we have started to deny. We are trying to convince ourselves that our original aim was wrong to begin with. We have embraced the life of slumber & ignorance but we say that we have done so in order to become normal!!!

Another factor is that we have been disappointed by the people around us. We have been badly hurt by them. We hate these people so much that we have deemed the entire human race to be the same as these people. All humans are bad & thus we cannot achieve our purpose in their presence!!!! This is nothing but an excuse because the first thing we learnt was that the people around you are insignificant, it is you who is important!!!

Finally, all of us have become slaves of temporary happiness. We deem our day good or bad depending upon whether we achieved some worldly desire or not. This is such a drift awat from our basic philiosophy of happiness in which we were told that a person that is happy & contended from the inside does not get affected by whatever good or bad that happens to him on the outside. Infact, this is the very base of sufism!!!!

Shifa, Bilal, Zahra, Meher, Sohaib, Mohammad, Sukhaina, Faraan & Ahmer!!!! I don't know if you guys would see this or not but this is what I have become because of our pact!! I don't mind the decision we made but at the moment I am suffering & so are the people who were blessed around me!!!!

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