Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going Back!!!!

Salam to all!!!

Today I will be rambling on how circumstances within my inner self have changed over the past few years & how am I trying to reconnect with the things I have lost.

One thing that I have learnt recently refers to the time we spent on things such as professional work, academiics, managing finances, household work etc. The physical & mental toll of this work laves most of us tired so that we can't do much else. As a result, a person like me finds it difficult to do things I used to do back in my college days. The world of spirituality seemed so vast back then. But now I feel rather disconnected from such a wonderful time.

An unfortunate result of this situation is that I feel changed fdrom the inside. I feel that time constraints have altered my inner self. I was certainally a lot closer to sufism & spirituality 5 ot 6 years ago than what I am now.

Hence I am trying desperately not to let my work effect what is the real aim of my life ... the quest for inner peace!!!! I am trying to go back to thois places which hold spiritual importance for me. But more importantly, I am trying to redefine my priorities. And I think you guys should also have a look at the priorities of your lives!!!!


  1. Well, yeah, I was also pondering over my present lack of creativity. Sometimes job, studies and other such things engross us so much that there occurs an obvious lack of time for sitting and thinking, even reading or writing.

  2. Doing our work honestly is a form of 'IBADAT' but we have to make a clear decision in our mind!!! Do we consider our professional progress to be of greater priority to our spiritual proress?

  3. Why not try to find a way to get spiritual gratification from work. There must be way.....

  4. Well yes!!! That can be a way if your work is what you really want to do. Even if that is not the case you can get spiritual gratification since sufism is a way of life. What is important is that you need to do whatever you can to stay on your path.