Sunday, August 30, 2009

My hands are tied!!!!

Hello!!!! For quite some time I have been trying to come out of my shell and get some sort of human contact. But my hands are tied. Guess I need some madness. Some mad people to help me lose my sanity. Lose this sense of being politically correct all the time. Lose this sense of coming out from a conversation with my dignity preserved. Somehow I have to learn how to take the plunge. I have stuttered & fallen as a result. I don't trust others and that's fair enough because they don't trust me either. But is there no one who trusts me but is waiting for me to take the first clear step. I feel as if I am too structured. Always trying to say the right thing but why isn't the essence of my conversation getting through? Why am I not trustworthy???????????????????????

Friday, August 14, 2009

Salvation Day!!!!!!!!

Its the 14 the of August & although we like to use the word 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' for this occasion I have gone for Salvation Day. Salvation in essence means freedom from slavery. That is the issue for the blog today. We are slaves as a nation & as individuals as well. As individuals, we are slaves to traditions, other people's standards of right & wrong, our ego & the urge for self respect. As a nation we are intellectually slaves to the west. We are slaves of our laziness & dislike for hard work. We are slaves to our habit of giving excuses for our shortcomings. Slaves of our urge to procure more & more money. Slaves of religion. Slaves of the world's superpowers. Slaves of our system. And so much more.

Somehow we have to get salvation for ourselves first then our nation. But our ego would never allow that to happen.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Death of Innocence!!!


It is said in the Quran that the murder of one human being is the death of the entire humanity. But looking at the scenarios that sorround me & the people I talk to most of the time, there is a distinct lack of trust on humanity. It is as if the the first serious betrayal of our lives deems all other humans untrustworthy as well. As if the lesson given by Quran extends to human behaviour as well that the death of innocence in one person kills the innocence in evryone else too. If people in general were hypocrites & never showed you their true selves then does that deem everyone untrustworthy? How can humanity survive if we don't trust human beings? Or are we already in a situation where its too late & it will now be a case of every person for himslef/herself. I feel that human association is one of the most significant aspects of life yet we can't trust anyone. Is it a pitiful state or is it a sign that the end has come?