Sunday, August 30, 2009

My hands are tied!!!!

Hello!!!! For quite some time I have been trying to come out of my shell and get some sort of human contact. But my hands are tied. Guess I need some madness. Some mad people to help me lose my sanity. Lose this sense of being politically correct all the time. Lose this sense of coming out from a conversation with my dignity preserved. Somehow I have to learn how to take the plunge. I have stuttered & fallen as a result. I don't trust others and that's fair enough because they don't trust me either. But is there no one who trusts me but is waiting for me to take the first clear step. I feel as if I am too structured. Always trying to say the right thing but why isn't the essence of my conversation getting through? Why am I not trustworthy???????????????????????


  1. Well zain its exactly the same thinf that i feel. why so composed of all the time...thinking abt the things which impress, which let others think that i am in fashion i am capable of talking what everyone else is and which is mostly bull shit...people speak but they dont know what they are speaking they take other people's words and propogate them...they never think of their own...they dont even know whether whatever they are talking has any real implementation or not...they think from other's mind...i am not saying that one shouldnt see what others say but one should analyse it first...anyway no one does that...people like us dont fit in who are sick of this game now and dont want to pose anymore...
    as far as the trust is concerned...well trust doesnt matter to anyone any more...the whole world is running on give n take thing...and as far as my experience is concerned no one is trustworthy..

  2. i really dont hav dix art to use such beautiful words but anyways...mujhay lagta hai keh insan allah tala ki sb se khoobsurat creation hai.Allah tala nay iss duniya mein hamay kisi maqsad se bheeja apna asal maqsad talash karnay kay liyay hamay har tarahn kay insano se milna hoo ga un mein se kuch shaid waisay hoo jaisay hum hain aur bohat saray aisay hon jaisay hum nahi.aur xaruri nahi jo hamari tarahn ki soch nahi rakhtay woh achay nahi.aur agar koi aisa kaam karo jis se doosray impress hon us mein burai nahi burai us mein hai jahan apki MAIN shamil hoo jati hai.practically koi bhi achi cheexe karna jo maxhab aur inasno kay liyay ho xarur karni chaiye and its natural keh apko koi apriciate karay tou khushi hoti hai.jaisa keh hamary maxhab mein bhi hai.aur jahan tak trust ki baat hai tou it depends keh apka ka relation kis kay saath kaisa hai.agar koi dost kehta hai aur manta bhi hai tou trust xarur hona chaiye.aur duniya mein kuch log trustworthy hotay hain magar talash karnay partay hain har ache cheexe tak pohanchnay kay liyay mehnat karni parti hai.aur allah tala achay logo tak apko milanay kay liyay apka ko axmaish mein xarur daltay hain.aur xain ahmed khan per trust karnay ki baat hai tou anam khan ko bilkul trust keh woh bohat kam logo per karti hain :-).

  3. Maria I think you have completely hit the nail om its head as far as the first section of your comment is concerned. There must be a coherence between what we think, feel, know & say.

    But trust is a different matter. If we take trust out of our lives then it means that we enter the same crowd that considers trust as a mere trade for their benefit. For me, you don't need to trust everyone but you need to truly trust those who you say you trust.

    And thanks of course to enam for the compliment & help :)

  4. I totaly agree wth anam khan84....

  5. zain i am saying the same thing...see i am not talking abt my self...i am talking abt what happens in our our surroundings trust is a trade for benefits...there are people around me who are my friends who love me alot who mostly take side of me and stand for me but whenever they see that they cant escape a situation or anything else they use me and betray me like they have never known me...not only that after all that they are not even embarrased its like nothing has happened....
    ya there are people upon whom i trust but there is always an element of fear in that...human being is a very strange creature...sometimes without knowing we just decieve our friends....aisa khud bakhud hota hai...halaat aisey ho jatey hain ya whatever the reason....but its always hurting....
    a person who is been betrayed many times cant trust someone is not that beautiful as it seems...i am spell bound by its diversity...and the most surprising thing is me myself

  6. Well yes!!!! Once bitten, twice shy!!!! Bitten repeatedly, always shy!!!! Yet we know that life is not possible without trusting humanity!!!! And if you lose faith in humanity you lose faith in your creator!!!!

    But I agree. We need to find ourselves first!!! Only then can w find humanity that is trustworthy. And for that we need to let go of our balance & focus on on one side. Let go I guess is the theme of this topic Maria!!!!

  7. well mein ne ziada tar yeh dekha hai k jb hum logon pe trust krte hain tu unn se beshumaar umeedein laga kr beth jatay hain...aur jb woh hamari umeedon pr pura nahin utarteay tu hum baray ghamgeen andaaz mein khtay hain "mjhy tu ab kisi pr aeitbaar hi nahin raha"
    yeh yaad rakhna zaruri hai k jb hum kisi pe bharosa krta hain tu woh insaan hamari kuch umeedon pr tu pura utar skta hai laikin hur umeed par nahin..aur agar koi apki umeed pe pura na utre tu iska hurgiz yeh matlab nahin k woh insaan bharosay k qabil nahin...

  8. Ali boy if you trust someone the only thing you should expect from them is honesty & no material gain. The expectations you are talking about are related to material gains & they should not be a part of trusting someone,. But I do see what you are trying to refer to.