Friday, December 18, 2009

The Unique Self!!!

Strange thing this. Most people try to stand out. To appear different. To find a uniqueness about themselves. Most of us try to do this consciously. But in doing so, we create a false version of our self, one after the other. We make ourselves unique just by importing a few traits from other personalities. In a way, we lie to ourselves & become something we actually are not.

the best way to be unique is to find your true self. To explore your inner self instead of forcing certain traits into your personality just for the sake of being different. But finding your true self & then being comfortable with it is not easy. One has to get rid of his/her complexes in order to do that. One has to be brvae enough to exhibit his/her true self to the world as well. One thing to keep in mind is that in exporing your unique self, you cannot affect others in an adverse manner.

This aspect is significant because of the fact that many poeple confuse themsleves by adding things to their personalities just because that is what they see aroun them. Many consciously do different & strabge things just to stand out. Many have no idea about their true self but insist on leeting others know how diferent they are jsut to please their ego. many know their unique self & their true path but decline to exhibit it in fornt the world & create a different verison of themselves for the outer world to the one they know they really are. All such conflicts give rise to a confused society & in our case, a confued nation.


  1. " All such conflicts give rise to a confused society and in our case a confused nation"
    I agree with this.

    But I think that 'trying' to be unique is an ESSENTIAL PROCESS which provides insight about the "true self".However it is the lowest level in the process or setup of self-actualization but it still is important.But I think that the point which you are trying to convey is that one should not fixate or stuck him/herself at this level for a long time because then it would destroy the essential element of experimentation and the quest to find the real self will be limited.
    I don't disagree with you but I would like to add only one thing that the next level after trying to be unique is 'Comparing your true self with others' for it will lead to the path of learning about your true self, as many intellectuals have said that "You only learn about yourself by comparing yourself with others."
    Thank you for writing this.

  2. Well your quite right. Nicely put!!