Thursday, December 31, 2009

Programmed Children!!!

Parents work hard their entire life for their children to have a good life. Children in turn must respect the sacrifices of their parents & take care of them. There is no arguing about this. But what I find astounding is that certain parents view their children as a computer program. They can enter all the personality traits in the program & get the appropriate type of child they want!!! That is what I am aginst in this post.

It is the duty of children to respect their parents & work hard in their lives in order to make their parents proud. But when parents impose on their children to have a certain type of personality, this issue gets complicated. A child must have the freedom to decide the type of clothes he wants to wear, the kind of hair style he wants, the music he wants to listen, the movies he wants to watch, the places to visit, the career he wants to persue, the person he wants to marry etc. All such things should be left to the person himself. Where parents try to work on external features of their child's personality, it is the inside that gets neglected. Parents should give priority to developing their child into a good human being & then just let him be what he wants to be. Too many times have I heard parents criticize their children's dress code, their hair & their likes & dislikes in general. Parents must learn how to give their children a certain pat on the back.

Children on the other hand must understand reponsibility. Freedom without responsibility is useless. PArents SHould give their children a free reign to do what they want to. But children must listen to their parent's advice. They must pay for the consequences of any bad choice they make on their own. Chuildren who demand freedom but come crying back to their parents if something goes wromg don't deserve freedom. Freedom with responsibility is my point here!!!!!


  1. I agree with you on this. It would be really nice if you extend it whenever you get time because you are going good.

  2. Do you mean extending the topic or my blog writing in general?

    Thanks for reading as always!!!

  3. Well this is as much as I had to write!!! I would instead be pleased if you had anything to add to it!!