Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inner Solace!!!!!

'I am very tense today'

'Bs g zindagi mein bari pareshani hai'

'I am tired of all this hassle that sorroubds my life'

These are the sort of sentences which all of us have said & heard. Finding solace in life is our major quest. Sakoon ki talash hamara bunyadi maqsad hai. But the irony is that the more we try the more restless we become. Is it a matter of being impatient? Are we not thankful enough for what Allah has given us? Is it a matter of us not woking hard enough & blaming luck for our failures? Hardwork, patience & thankfulness are some of the ways which people have suggested for finding peace.

Since we all listen to so many things I thought that I might also give you something to think about. For me, more than anything else, it is the peace that we create in our innner selves that dictates everything else. Jis ne baatin ka sakoon paida kr liya wohi kamiab hai. Life will never stand still. It will keep moving & regardless of whether you want to move with it or not, you would always be required to make tough decisions & face adverse situtaions. You would always feel tired & fed up of this life & there will be no way out unless you create your peace from the inside. That is what sufim tells me. Although you would be living in an extrinsic world, you would have to purify your inner self first.

So the bottom line is that if you want peace in your life, you would have to create it yourself from the inside.



  1. AoA,
    Yes brother Zain you are absolutely right. Inner peace is the first and major requirement. We just complain like Mulk main Bijlli nai. Pani ka pbm hai. garmi hai. leader nai theek etc etc.. What's this? To kya agar yehi sorat-e-hal hai to kya jena he choor do?? BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD (this is not my quote, but it's true)..

    At first correct yourself then you will see entire World wil be changed.. Insha Allah.. Step-up and say loudly that this thing should be done like this or this, be the one who changes. Don't be the one who complains.. TC..

  2. AOA
    G zain ahmad ap bilkul sahi keh rahay hai k pehlay inner peace hona chahiye.hamay apnay andar se gand nikalna chahiye bt HOW ye logon ko nai pata even i dont knw(HAHAHAH) hm wo kom hai jis ko ek cheez de do wo us k sath hi khailna shuro ho jatay hai jaisa k aj kl hamaray pass load shading ka bst topic hai

    sahi kaha me ne?

  3. Asslam o alaikum Da Xain!

    Sakoon ki talash! hmmmmmmmmmmm baat achi hai mera point ov view app ko pata hee hai sakoon tb tk nahi jb tak haqooqul allah aur haqooqul ebadd ko na samjeh lia jayay . believe me agar yeh samjeh aa jayay tou sbb theek ho jayay.aur Allah tala nay jo hamay dia... hum tou kabhi bhi uss ka shukar nahi kartay hamesha hee shikayat hee kartay hain.aur sufism se mujhay kuch yaad aaata hai ;-) aur aur aur kya boloon ..kafi hai na itna da Xain ;-)

  4. Follow something and it will run away. The more you push the more it goes outta hand.

    I think the key word is "relax".