Monday, July 20, 2009

Choosing the Foced Choice

Salam!!!! Today is my first ramling. And I am going to write something that came to my mind last night.
I have recently completed my bachelors in engineering & started a job. However like so many other people, I don't feel emotionally connected to my work. Infact I feel more comfortable when I am writing as I have a tendency for urdu literartue & story writing. The irony is that I am able to do fulfil the demands of my work well enough. So may be its the job that is not challenging eough. However in the time of recession one can't really choose either. Its a catch 22 but I feel most of us go through the same state of mind often enough. Is there always a sense of non-fulfillment no matter what we do?


  1. Awaragardi ek bhat hi ala cheez hai or agar ap ne raat k 4 bajat Islamabad ki roadon pe awaragardi ki hai to ap ko pata ho gaa k awagardi me kitna maza hai or agar raat k 4 bajay ap logon k gharon ki bell baja k bhag jaye to or hi maza ajata hai to AWARAGARDI ZAROR karay yehi din hai ye din or ratay baad me nai aye gay

  2. first of all i am just wondering whats the conection of umar's comment wih your blog?? anyway....well doing something what heart ask for and what heart finds peace in is different and doing something to earn money and to earn in the current scenario is something totally different.go on writing but dont give up that earning thing.
    i dont know but i also sometimes feel that. but my feeling is even more complicated than yours. one part of me says that that not my job my heart is good at other things but one part of me enjoys that and want to go up in my technical field. its like you are good at one thing and you take pleasure in accepting the challenge in the other thing. moreover my inner is always yearning for something different and change. routine thing is not for me. i feel like i am spending a bore life even though i know i am better than many but my heart asks for more. i wanna know things...i wanna learn things... i wanna see different shades of life...i wanna see the secrets...but i have limitations and thats whr i get frustrated...i thank GOD for giving me what i have but sometimes the frustration really bugs me.

  3. hey zain i was thinking of starting something like getting together somewhere...people from all ages from all fields...get together somewhere and share anything we want other than the daily things...something like zavia...dont you think by sharing things we normally dont with others may be give us some inner satisfaction and a new energy to go further...i think the major problem of todays world is that even though we are all connected...communication is so fast but still everyone of us is all alone in his/her shell and are dying there....what do you think should we start something like that???

  4. Well Maria I saw Man Chalay Ka sauda a few days back & learnt that our work is the 'haqeeqi ibaadat'. Jis ne kaam mein dandi mari us ne apni ibadat mein dandi mari. So we have to do our work honestly which I think we do.

    The actual problem I feel is that we live in our own shells. I have many people around me but only a handful undersdtand what I say. Its as if you are either living with zombies or you are a zombie yourself. As a result my work life & life outside work become so similar. That is where I get perplexed. May be the case is same with you too.

    Will try to get all these "great" minds together

  5. comnnection is that you have to spare tym for your heart & ppl to get peace of mind just lyk you spare tym for work

  6. Kuch Ishq kia kuch kaam kia...

    Kaam ishq k aray aata raha, aur ishq se kaam ulajhta raha...

    aur akhir me hum ne dono ko adhura chor diya...