Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ignorance Is Bliss!!!

Was talking to a friend just last night on how our mind at times becomes a curse for us. How it creates complications & doubts. And that may be ignorance is actually a bliss. Now I personally believe that ignorance is an even bigger curse. Using your mind is not bad actually. Thinking is not bad rather over-thinking things is the problem.

There is probably a balance between ignorance & over-thinking. A student who frets about his grades too much isn't doing himself any favors, neither is a student who just doesn't care about them at all. Grades are important but what is more important is the willingness to learn & gain mastery over something. That is the sort of balance I am talking about here.

What is also important is the fact that ignorance & over-thinking are actually not related to our minds. Both of them might well be manifestations psychiatric or nervous issues. Or may be it is a matter of choice. In fact it really is. Just as we have the choice of having our opinions (as long as they don't affect others negatively) similarly we possess the choice of ignorance & over-thinking. It is due to the fact that our ignorance & over-thinking are related to our selves only & it is only us who get affected positively or negatively by them.

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